Face Masterclass BordeauxDear friend, dear colleague,
It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend our next VIP Face Aesthetics Masterclass in Bordeaux, Chateau Malromé – France, in September 27-28th, 2019.
The topics of this exclusive VIP Masterclass are : aesthetic medicine, beauty, art, oenology.
The scientific program focuses on new procedures and concepts to update your knowledge of aesthetic medicine. This masterclass will deal with all topics of our practice: clinical anatomy and video demo, new indications of botulinum toxin in facial rejuvenation, new fillers and combined therapy, fat grafting and PRP, innovations and energy based devices such as HIFU, cryolipolysis, laser, radio-frequency and much more!
Seats available are limited to 32 to allow attendees to share their experience with experts: optimum learning for best practice!
The venue is a magnificent castle in the middle of Bordeaux vineyard, Château Malromé. This beautiful castle used to be the family house of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, famous french artist and painter.
The social program includes the visit of the Toulouse Lautrec Museum, visit of the cellar, wine tasting…
You will definitely remember this 2-day workshop as it is unique: great quality of speakers and scientific program, great venue, great social and artistic program.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Malromé this September.
Best wishes,

Jérôme PARIS, Frédéric BRACCINI

Face Masterclass Bordeaux

Face Masterclass Bordeaux


Minimal invasive concepts & 2019 innovations

Scientific direction
F Braccini & J Paris

Scientific organization
F Braccini, F Giausseran, J Paris

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Chateau Malromé is where medicine meets art !

Aesthetic medicine, Beauty, Art, Oenology

Bordeaux, Château Malromé
Demeure familiale de Toulouse Lautrec
Saint André du Bois – France

Jérôme PARIS, Frédéric BRACCINI

Day 1 : Friday September 27th 2019

« Beauty, Face anatomy, Injection technique »

9h00 : Welcome
9h15 : Concept of beauty … where art and medicine meet
9h30 : Face practical anatomy and danger zones
10h30 : Injections techniques of fillers: basic to expert

10h45 : Less is more concept !

11h00 : coffee break

« Face expressions and emotions, Holistic approach »

11h30 : How to keep natural with face expressions and emotions
12h00 : Holistic approach in facial rejuvenation
12h45 : Facial customized volumetry

13h00-14h00 : Lunch at the castle

« New energy based technologies, new technologies»
14h00 : High Intensity Focal Ultrasound : non invasive face lift ?
14h20 : Electromagnetic body sculpting  2019
14h40 : Cryolipolysis : a new gold standard !
15h00 : Plasma exeresis technology : when and how ?
15h15 : New hyaluronic acids & electronic assistance for injection

15h30 : coffee break

« How to enhance and optimize the quality of skin »

16h00 : Nutricosmetic concept
16h15 : Combined therapy targeting skin
16h30 : Live demo : Daily practice of peelings in 2019

« Threads for face rejuvenation »

16h45 :  Concept of soft tissue lifting
17h00 : Threads for face rejuvenation!

17h45-19h00 : visit of the Toulouse Lautrec Museum

20h30 : Gala diner

Day 2 : Saturday September 28th, 2019

« Cosmetology, Hyaluronic acids»

9h00 : Cosmetology : new trends, in & out synergy
9h45 : Future of HA, what is the next step ?

« Artistic anatomy and face proportion»

10h00 : Face artistic proportions to define injection criteria
10h15 : Ageing process & gender differences
10h40 : Live demo « face masculinization»

11h00 : coffee break

« Nose, lips, neck : expert practice »

11h30 : Restore smile more than lips
11h50 : restoring & rejuvenating the necks…
12h10 : rhinoplasty and profiloplasty without surgery !
12h30 : live demo of « face rejuvenation »

13h00-14h00 : Lunch at the castle

Hands on workshop : « Lip and peri-oral rejuvenation»

14h00 : Understanding volumes for better outcomes
14h15 : Male and female specificity of injection

15h30 : coffee break

Nutrition workshop : « Better food for better ageing !»

15h30 : Nutrition facts and basics
15h45 : Good and heathly meal – the chef approach !

17h00-18h30 : visit of the cellar – oenology course & wine tasting at the castle

18h30 – Adjourn

Social & artistic programme

Visit of the vineyard and cellar – Chateau Malromé

Guided tour –Museum of the « demeure familiale de Henri de Toulouse Lautrec «

Visit of the modern art gallery

Oenology course – Initiation level – wine tasting


Limited seats : 32

Early bird (before June 28th 2019):  1150€

Regular rate (as from June 29th 2019) : 1350€

(Including lunch, conference , museum and gallery, oenology course and wine tasting, visit of the cellar and vineyard)

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